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This is the personal web site of Erik Nyström. The views expressed here are my personal views, not those of my employer or anyone else.

The site's design is a tribute to the early world wide web. It's mostly validated HTML and light on the graphics. You won't have to wait an eon for any of the pages to load.

Here is a photo of me in Rome, Italy in April 2013:

Erik i Rom, 21 April 2013

The image above has the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and is 98 kB in size. Follow the image link to open a high resolution image with 2448 x 3264 pixels and 2,3 MB in size.

In case you care. In the real world I live in Luleå, Sweden.

If you want to send me an unencrypted e-mail, use this e-mail address: erik at hyde period se. Replace at and period like this

You may add me on Twitter if you like. My is name is @eriknystrom.

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